Bookkeeper for Self-employed or Sole trader.

Our all-in service starts from as little as £25 incl. per month. This will provide you with peace of mind, you’ll know that all your records are being kept and all your legal requirements are being met.

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We’ll make sure the following is taken care of:

Avoid the extra work

self-assessment tax return

As someone who is self-employed (Holds a UTR or Unique Tax Reference) you are required to submit a tax return each year. The cost of preparing this can be expensive if the bookkeeping and initial cost scrutiny needs to be done first. The all-in service avoids all the extra work at year end

We'll log your finances

Your Bookkeeping

This involves inputting your purchase and sales information into an accounting system and making sure all legal criteria are met. If you are VAT registered, we’ll make sure this is processed too

Support at every stage

Expert advice

We’ll also deal with any queries which may arise from time to time via your customers or suppliers. We’re friendly and approachable, and most importantly, experts in all aspects of your financial needs. 

extra monthly updates

Profit and Loss (P&L)

We understand that your P&L is a very useful tool for making decisions and tax planning. It will empower you as you’ll be working with real time information and will be able to make quick decisions. You’ll avoid errors and save money as advice can be given prior to making decisions

no more painful communications

we deal with hmrc

We understand how to get through to the correct contact so that you don’t have to spend hours, or days trying to send or receive information from HMRC regarding your finance status.

Safe and secure

Document locker

We’ll give you a digital document locker in the cloud. You can save your sensitive finance (and other) documents in our fully backed up and data complaint drives. 



Not only do we save you valuable time that you could be spent running your business, We save you money. There is no need to buy any expensive accounting software, we’ve got you covered.


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